OfficinaTARSÍE VIVENDI was born from the union of two Emilian companies: Tarsíe, famous for its processing of polychrome cotto and for its research on inlay techniques and Ars Vivendi, a company that offers innovative interior design and architectural solutions revisiting the ancient technique of cocciopesto.

Tarsíe started to be recognized in 1987 thanks to its products manufactured using the exclusive technique of oven welded tarsias in polychrome cotto, a patent of Giuliano Melioli, inventor of this technique used for processing cotto and also company’s designer. This type of processing has the advantage that it does not fear the effect of ageing.

A few years later Ars Vivendi originated from Tarsie experience, an artistic laboratory that operates in the architectural sector, re-proposing in a personal way the ancient technique of cocciopesto as far as the polychrome mixture and the inlay work. In Roman times cocciopesto was a material often used for the floors in the noble houses and in the thermae to cover walls and ceilings. “Coccio” (cotto fragments) crushed into bigger and smaller parts, mixed with binders and aggregates, can be used to create various types of handmade items of different sizes.

By combining their different experiences these two companies can offer unique custom-made items in cotto and coloured cocciopesto, for an endless number of interior design solutions, working on the design-project of an architect or proposing their own ideas thanks to the experience of the two designers Giuliano Melioli and Cesare Ferrari. These two artists have carried out a lot of projects worldwide: from the decoration of private houses, public areas, ancient buildings up to projects for companies of international level.
Those materials are versatile and of great impact, from small interventions to large projects, offering new and unexpected solutions for any type of architecture: floor and wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, edges, frames for doors and windows, fireplaces, swimming pools, artistic panels, mirrors, paintings, stairs, etc.

All the production and finishing processes, the shaping of the pieces, the inlay, the polishing, the waxing with natural waxes are handmade by craftsmen specialised in this special processing technique.

Tarsie Vivendi also propose tables and washbasins collections made of cocciopesto and inlaid polychrome cotto. Suitable for classic environments and also for modern ones the Tarsie Vivendi tables and washbasins distinguish themselves for the particular materials used and the design. Thanks to the soft lines on the surfaces, the metal or cotto inserts, the engraved decorations and the charm of the thick craquelé obtained using restoration techniques these objects combine artistic tradition and artisan craftsmanship. From the production of the material to the finish, each piece is in fact handmade becoming unique and unrepeatable. To complement these collections Tarsíe Vivendi offers a line of furnishing accessories and decorative objects made of inlaid polychrome cotto and additional unique pieces in raku designed by Claudio, Giuliano Melioli’s son.