cocciopestoIt is originated mixing fine pulverized coccio with binders and grouts. Coloring is due to the colored cotto powder and by adding of natural oxides, marbling is carried out by hand pugging mixings of various colors. A main feature of cocciopesto is the presence on the surface of tiny spots of different sizes, very small holes and colored inclusions and also very fine crack (craquelé) traces that emphasize the value of a totally handmade process.

The so called “spatellata” (spatulated) finishing is carried out by hand thru different smoothing phases and it appears slightly waving but nice at touch since surface is treated with repellent oils and finally waxed giving the final product an unique sensual effect.

Heat resistance

It’s very strong from material level (from structural point of view). The surface of the products is treated with wax and thru heating it could melt and some spots could appear. Anyway to avoid this inconvenience we can apply some metal insertions such as drops or pawls, shaped or straight bars, all those particulars will be 2 mm higher than counter level. Take note that all those particulars are inserted by respecting counters style and design: they could even follow the join cuttings between each single piece. In a bath context we have no worries till a temperature of 40-50°C (max. temperature normally reached to take a shower or a bath).


By using a knife or in the event of a heavy pot falling our material could be damaged, anyway the inner surface of the products will remain with same color: therefore to recover the original aspect of the items, even in case of deep spots, they simply have to be plastered, treated and then waxed. Cocciopesto is more resistant than corian.


Cocciopesto is an agglomerate therefore porous and we treat it in order to make it oleo-hydro repellent, that means we “feed it up” till it can absorb no more.


We can obtain any color: we only request a real piece of colored material in order to reproduce a strongly very similar result as far as color. To avoid any possible customer’s claim, before putting into production a customized item (especially for projects), we request a sample approval from customer’s side.

Assembly of plans or plates and/or floors

If the plates are big a simple “flessibile” (sawing rotating tool) equipped with diamond blade is sufficient to cut them. Also if you need to make some holes (i.e. in a plate of a shower for drain taps), they can be carried out on site by piercing with a diamonded drilling machine from visible nice side towards back rough side.